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Still a little busted (alert state mostly). Make try to fix it after Procedural death/7drl.

You play as a Shadowjumper, an elite, agile, work for hire who specializes in reaching the highest levels towering skyscrapers and escaping by jumping down to the street below using special wing attachments.

On Foot

  • W - Up
  • A - Left
  • S - Down
  • D - Right
  • Q - Switch between gun and sword
  • E - Use computer (You can only use specific computers that prompt you)
  • Left Mouse Button - Attack
  • Each mission objective is located on the third (50th) floor. Elevators are marked by plants.
  • Players can escape out windows by first shooting them out or by using the elevator.
  • You can't use the elevator while the alarm is raised.


WASD - Move


  • A - Left
  • D - Right
  • W - Engage Glider
  • S - Dive
  • Left Mouse - Attack

The game has additional instructions.