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Hello and welcome to Indiepocalypse!

In its simplest terms, Indiepocalypse is just a bundle of games (common thing) packaged with a zine (also common thing) about the aforementioned games and comics, reviews and more!

Each month will feature games by 10 different developers.  Each issue I hope to bring together games that explore the breadth of what our art form has to offer. 

Also, and this part is very important to me and should truly be taken as given, each contributor is paid and developers are paid royalties on all future sales.

This Month's Games

Demonizer (WIN/MAC/Linux/Raspberry Pi/Android) by Iori Branford

A vertical shooter in the early to mid 90s arcade style of Raiden Fighters, Strikers 1945 and Battle Garegga. Shoot down, absorb and transform human invaders as you fly through a pixel art fantasy land to stop the monstergirl genocide.

The exiled princess Amelia has turned into a succubus and joined the peaceful monstergirl tribe. Then invaders arrive led by her sister Angelina. Fighting back with her newfound powers of hypnosis and demonization she departs to take on the kingdom in a desperate bid to save her new people.

Lichcraft (Physical) by Laurie O'Connel

A tabletop RPG about trans necromancers in dystopian Britain.


This is a window into another world. It doesn't end if you close the game, but your life might. Don't be afraid to die.

Ragnarok Remastered: A Mythic Hating Sim (WIN/MAC/Linux) by HAQ, CritterClown

Play as the heroic God of Thunder himself, Thor, as you charm your way into the hearts of the greatest monsters of mythology. Don't get too attached, though... Your goal is not to bed these monsters, but to slay them instead!

(try to) Dress Up (WIN/MAC) by Nivetha Kannan

"(try to) Dress Up" is a dress up game where you have to get my parents' permission before going out in your final look. Good luck with that- they're pretty tough judges to please!

ERL (WIN/MAC) by //jjj

A beautyfull walking experience full of hand animated characters.

You will find yourself in the swamps of arrival, walk through the spheres of philosophy and party with the gods

yearly (WIN/MAC/LINUX) by Vaida

yearly is a game about seeing friends, a year at a time.

Hotel Paradise (WIN/MAC) by Kai Clavier

Explore the hallways of an endless hotel in the search for your room.

Gender Dysphoria (WIN/MAC/LINUX) by exodrifter

A short 10-15 minute non-linear narrative game about negative experiences after coming out as transgender.

Escada Game Pack (WIN/MAC/LINUX) by Escada Games

Diver Down is stealth platformer where you can dive on walls!

In Pigeon Ascent, take care of your own pigeon as they fight increasingly stronger foes, and then face the legendary Pigeon God at the end... can you keep death far from your bird?

Pickaxe Tower is a precision platformer where you climb a tower using only a pickaxe to move!

*BONUS*Electric Zine Maker (WIN/MAC) by alienmelon

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Indiepocalypse zine contents

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Parts 10-12 of 69 Love Games by Andrew

Lockdown Opportunities by Edward Atkin
Hylics by Sam Pender

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I am running into a bit of issues with this edition. It will only allow me to down the pdf and I have no way to download the games. Is there an extra step I need to do to download the games? 

I've hidden the PDF so that only the games should be available. The game zip has the PDF as well anyway.

I gave it another try, I seem to be getting a different error now when i try to download. I tried reinstalling itch and it didn't seem to help

Maybe something broke when it was uploading. I'll reupload it tomorrow.

Uploaded a new copy so hope it works. But I also noticed I hadn't flagged it for any OS so the problem might have been much simpler to solve.

It works!! Thank you!

good game <3

let’s goooo