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Cover - Satoshi Kurosaki - Instagram, tumblr 

Hello and welcome to Indiepocalypse!

Indiepocalypse is a curated monthly collection looking to highlight the very best of the alternative indie game scene. 

Each month features games by 10 different developers, including a newly commissioned game exclusive to the bundle-zine. The games cover a wide variety of styles, genres, and themes as they fight against any definition of "indie game" as a genre.

Also, and this part is very important to me and should truly be taken as given, each contributor is paid and developers are paid royalties on all future sales.

This Month's Games

Biblically Accurate Sheeps (WIN) by Quentin Delvallet

They are here. The sheeps.

You angered the gods. Destroy them or they will destroy you. Dodge a bullet hell and throw anything you can before they feast on you.

Bossfight? she loved you. (WIN) by Lily Detrick

The most technically involved femboy yaoi visual novel ever developed.

18+ only, not suitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy or other photosensitive conditions, content warnings in "CONTENT WARNINGS" file.

Collage Advertisement (Browser) by OXY

Collage Advertisement is an half-baked VHS about collage technique, weird writing and personal obsession.

Internal Monologue (WIN/MAC/Linux) by keroblin

We are nothing more than the matter that makes us. Talk to your organs to try to understand how to help yourself be yourself.

A tiny visual novel created for the O2A2 2023 VN jam about our relationships with our own identities.

De_Offectibus (WIN) by Yazorius

Lost in a forest, lighted by the moon, you hear a strange shout, and you discover a campfire between 4 monoliths. A book opened is laying on the floor. Nobody here. But when you try to approach, the book looks like mooved by magic and comes directly in your hand. You can't drop it, or even leave the place. The only thing to do is to try the perform a weird ritual, hoping to be free when it will be done …

... read, examine, test and think, in this short adventure game. Will you be the one who will succeed this challenge ? This game uses left and right mouse button. So you'll have to try, even if nothing tells you to do. Sometimes it does nothing, sometimes, it's needed. Just be curious, take your time and try, try again, and again. 

WAS/WERE (WIN/Linux/Browser) by Rodrick 'RodFireProductions'

Are you tired? Scared? Anguished? Do you feel weak? Sad? Pathetic? Do you wish you could stand up for yourself against the one that hurt you? Are you filled with pent up rage?

Murdering a person that hurt you is hot, right? If you think so, then this is the place for you!

Romino's Adventure (WIN/Linux) by InterDan

Romino's Adventure is a retro-inspired puzzle platformer in which you'll have to grab, rotate and place tetromino pieces to reach the goal.

 Neotrogla (WIN/MAC/Linux/Browser) by Roxy S.

ᙙᙖ Neotrogla is a Twine horror story about discomfort in who you are, urban decay, weird hobbies, and bugs. ᙙᙖ

The Perfect Portrait (WIN) by Knickknack PJ

Graey Beauregard wants a portrait of himself to show off how powerful and smart he his, but he would rather not pay a living artist. That's too expensive! So he "created" a robot running an AI art generator to paint his magnificent portrait since that's way cheaper. Surely nothing will go wrong!


I'm Hungry! I'm Healthy! I'm Human! (WIN/MAC/Linux/) by Homie "Lintilion" Boon

A tale of survival in the strange wilderness, with danger around every corner! You'll know what to do when you get there. Just laugh and eat and kill, and enjoy the journey. You can win one day if you want. Until then, there's still a life out there.

*BONUS*Electric Zine Maker (WIN/MAC) by alienmelon

Launcher Courtesy of MM Bundle Launcher

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Mulberry Ink by Sam Pender

A Tutorial for aliens by mydogstolemyliver - itch

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GenrePlatformer, Puzzle, Visual Novel
TagsAltgame, Bullet Hell, decker, Mystery, Queer


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