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Hello and welcome to Indiepocalypse!

Indiepocalypse is a curated monthly collection looking to highlight the very best of the alternative indie game scene. 

Each month features games by 10 different developers, including a newly commissioned game exclusive to the bundle-zine. The games cover a wide variety of styles, genres, and themes as they fight against any definition of "indie game" as a genre.

Also, and this part is very important to me and should truly be taken as given, each contributor is paid and developers are paid royalties on all future sales.

This Month's Games

stand up (WIN/MAC/Linux) by Rae White

‘stand up’ is an award-winning Bitsy poem-game which explores what it means to be trans. Because being trans isn’t just about one single thing. Being trans is about breathing, loving and being; and, in ‘stand up’, it’s about finding small joys and knowing you are loved.

Sunken Ships (WIN) by Joe Renwick

Explore a little seaside coast of submerged ruins, sunken ships and lonely islands.

Take Your Meds Darling (WIN) by Geckoo1337

TYMD is a short puzzle-game playing with gravity in non-euclidean rooms. Using procedural shaders ++

Learning to Love the Labyrinth (WIN) by Gustavo Araujo Costa

a game about using staircases for their intended purpose.

ltltl is about trying to climb a staircase that occurred to me in a dream; about irresponsible metaphysics and celestial hooks; about overcoming the illusions of rationality and reaching reality itself; about being neither religious nor anti-religious, but a secret third thing; about people telling you that you don't exist and others telling you that you exist too much; about the possibility of being right and wrong at the same time; about the irresponsibility of being right-wrong about everything; about going up and down stairs, in different ways.

>devour (WIN/MAC/Linux/Web) by Henrique L. Alves

>devour is a text adventure and escape room game. It's also maybe a personal horror story that may or may not be based on real feelings.

The Farnese Hercules (WIN) by Richard Sherriff

Take on the role of the famed sculptors of history as you gaze into your material and see your final work before you carve it and reveal it to the world. With 35 levels stretching from 40,000 BCE to 1950 CE

The main mechanic of The Farnese Hercules is simple, gaze into your material to reveal how many blocks need to be chipped totally away, and how many need to be carefully carved. One vantage point is not enough however, and the sculptor will have to regard their material from many angles before they can be sure exactly what needs to be removed!

Proverbs of Hell: Bloody Hell (WIN/MAC) by Saifey Roth and Isidore Weis

Proverbs of Hell is a character-driven turn-based RPG set in a hyper-capitalist dystopia where enhanced blood gives you incredible power... if you can afford the upkeep.

 A walk through the forest (WIN) by Liana

🌸 Walk through the forest with me, discover flowers and identify them.

It is not at all a game about random ramblings of my brain. I promise 🤫

🍂 A walk through the forest is made with photos, videos and audio taken during a real-life walk through the forest 🍂

Elephant Hunter Hunter (WIN) by Balmut

Elephants are being hunted to extinction by horrible hunters. 

Play as as a Canadian dog on the International Space Station and do your duty to save the elephants from being hunted using a giant space laser!

As you progress in your defence of the kind-natured pachyderms unlock and upgrade five extra tools to help in your mammoth task. You'll need them as hunters never play fair!


The Elision Effect (WIN) by Tea Bähr

You might be the last one in this office building. Empty halls and locked doors, but you keep trying to find ways to progress. The place seems off. Like it shouldn't exist. It smells of old coffee stains, the fluorescent lights buzzles, and corporate jazz plays on crappy speakers. You long for fresh air. An exit must be near.

The Elision Effect is a short surreal puzzle game.

*BONUS*Electric Zine Maker (WIN/MAC) by alienmelon

Launcher Courtesy of MM Bundle Launcher

Indiepocalypse zine contents


Dreamsick by Sam Pender

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Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
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GenreAction, Puzzle
TagsAbstract, artgame, Bitsy, Lo-fi, narrat, RPG Maker, Text based


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this zine is pretty cool.

uhmm ok its good...


Its $5 worth of games for $15. I understand supporting indie creators, I support a few on patreon myself and am a creator myself but it should be made very apparent that this is just to support the creators. I like it, but just be honest about whats going on.


I don't think there really is such a thing as "$5 worth of games" or "$15 worth of games". But even if I really break it down, $1.50 for a game is not a lot to charge. I don't think it's disingenuous, just that you and I have a different valuation of games.

I don't think its that much to pay either. But I mean it not subjectively, just literally. A few of these games in this pack are available for free download on this site. I just think that it should be made more clear that you have the option to download the free games for free. I am not setting the price point at $5 due to any personal opinion towards the games, but if you wanted to play all of these games (Except the last one which is an exclusive to this bundle) you would have to pay a minimum of $5. Again i would like to mention I think this is a great project, and I am very happy the creators of these neat games are gaining money for their work, I just think it should be mentioned which games are available for free download.


Ah gotcha, my bad. Generally in the past when people have told me "these aren't worth the price" they mean something more in line with "you shouldn't be charging for these sorts of games".

 I tend to be candid with people in conversation and at events that even if they don't buy the issue, they should check out each linked dev where often the games are free. That's implicit on the store page given I link to each dev's own site. And putting it front and center kind of undercuts the idea that I'm trying to normalize paying for shorter, more alternative games but there's no reason I can't sneak a little "if you don't want to buy it check the links" towards the end of the page. 

I also think there is some amount of value to the curation and presentation of having the games already neatly packaged together for you. Also in some months, like this friday's october release, it's cheaper to buy the anthology, so it isn't always strictly a case of simply paying more to support the devs. 


horrible game

Show post...

Thank you for the warning


This game look awesome and all.... I just wish I had 15$ to spare.